About Us

Reach Resources is a NEW toolkit designed to help pastors and laity REACH new people for Jesus Christ!

Reach Resources is a branch of the Reach Summit family tree.

At the root is the Reach Summit, a weekend-long event each October that draws together church leaders and laity to be inspired and to discover great possibilities for the future of their churches and communities.

After the Summit weekend, folks can sign up for Reach Networks, monthly sessions that help pastors, staff, and volunteers apply what they’ve learned.

Groups range from leadership and church systems, to new services and connecting youth. Over the last five years, churches all over the region have experienced positive change and growth thanks to the support and accountability of Network groups.

In addition, we’re thrilled to now offer Reach Resources — it’s a Reach Network in your inbox!  

Meet the Reach Team!

Each month includes a podcast and newsletter offering you access and insight to today’s church leaders, consultants, experts, and pastors of dynamic, growing churches.

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